These are sample pages from a final assignment for my Publication Design class. The assignment was to design, layout, print, and bind a dictionary. I chose to do mine based off information from a popular role-playing game, Vampire: The Masquerade, though I had to invent entries for Q, X, and Y.

The Ankh design on the title page (top thumbnail) was scanned from existing books for the game, and cleaned up using Adobe Photoshop. I created a spatter design using Illustrator that I could layer for the background of each page; I made it much larger than the print size so I could shift it to make the pattern would vary from page to page.

I then laid out the entire book in Quark Express, selecting a maroon color for the ink to imply blood. I printed the pages on parchment paper in two-page spreads (the final book was about 5" x 6"), then bound the pages together with spray adhesive. I used cardboard to provide backing for a black suede-cloth cover, and added a red ribbon "bookmark" to complete the look of a little, old-fashioned, gothic, hand-made book. It makes an excellant prop for Dark Ages themed events.

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Dictionary Title Page

Dictionary 2-Page Spread Sample