While working for AdProducer.com, one of my first jobs was doing a total website redesign for Stewart Homes, an advertising client of Hallinan Advertising (AdProducer.com's parent company). When the layout of the front page started to resemble a magazine cover, I went for what I refer to as a "Golden Page Book" layout, transforming their website into a sort of online catalog. It was built as a tabular layout as per the company standards for H.A. at that time.

I custom-created roughly 90% of the images from scratch, working from images provided by Stewart Homes and H.A., as well as images I found on MorgueFile.com. The smaller magnifying glass images at the top of every page are "easter egg" links to what was planned to be a contest/games section, but the client halted work on the website for budgetary reasons before giving me information on what they wanted in there.

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