I worked for AdProducer.com for about a year, during which I was in charge of maintaining, streamlining, standardizing, and updating all of the 300+ membership communities such as FantasyIllustrators..com, CommercialProducers.com, etc. (Though the sites still advertise 250+, the network had expanded quite a bit by the time I started.) This included designing banner link images for new members, adding and removing members from communities, as appropriate, as well as building new community pages as per the current guidelines and adding them to the community line-ups.

I also redesigned the four "Producer Cyber Cities" (BroadcastProducer.com, FilmandVideoProducer.com, InteractiveProducer.com, PrintProducer.com) as well as creating a new "hub" page for them at ProductionIndustry.com. I created five custom backgrounds using Mojoworld. I then used Photoshop to add ripple effects to the four Cyber City backgrounds as well as creating custom button sets for each of the five pages and a banner link to the "hub" page to place on each of the 300+ community pages.

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