This was done as a team project for my "Textures and Terrain" class. The assignment was for each team of three to come up with a concept for a movie, and then create a trailer, movie poster, and appropriate packaging materials (i.e. dvd label and insert).

My group (Luis Avila, Roberto Hernandez, and myself) chose to do a supposed sequal to the old V television series from the mid-80s. I designed two planets using the Mojoworld program: a desert domain for the aliens known as "The Visitors" from the original series, and a dirty, poluted-looking crystalline planet for their old enemies; I chose the second look and environment to contrast as much as possible with the established aliens. We used existing 3D models of a V mothership and a crystalline looking ship, and the Mojoworld model of the earth was created and provided by our instructor, Ken Heidenreich, and we used the theme music from the original series.

The crystal planet scenes were animated by Luis, the desert scenes by Roberto, and I set up the shot of the ships hovering over Earth. I also handled the final editing of the trailer, as well as the designs for the movie poster and packaging. I also designed the logos for Luis and Roberto, as they had not developed their own previously. Luis said he wanted something simple, and Roberto wanted something dealing with his astrological sign (cancer).

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Desert Planet Still  Crystal Planet Still

Movie Poster

DVD Insert Card  DVD Label