Back in 1999/2000, the studio I was working with was comissioned to redesign the Note One logo. While they wanted the shape and outline of the logo to remain the same, they wanted something a little more sophisticated than the plain black-and-white version the company had been using. The rep I worked with specified wanting a design that invoked thoughts of luxury, wealth, money, sturdy tradition, etc., so I suggested this green marble design, which was quickly approved.

Pleased with the logo redesign, the company then requested a series of projects, including a design for a folder with a single inner pocket. Stock images were provided by the client for the layout. The front cover was easy enough, mostly a matter of adding the new logo and two lines of text, and the inside pocket flap simply required the expansion of the original image to what you see here. The back cover was the most work, compositing and adjusting multiple images as well as laying out several lines of text.

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Folder Front   Folder Back

Folder Inside Flap